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3 good reasons to choose ADN

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1)  Innovative and powerful solutions:

We don’t just offer ideas, but real life, actionable solutions, made of hundreds of "how-to's", tactics and strategies.

All of them are field-tested, practical information that trainees can apply immediately to gain both the skills and the self confidence that lead to outstanding performances.


They are built to make the complicated simple, foster intuitive understanding and visualization.

We don’t regurgitate canned messages. We express our own vision, based on experience, observation and down to earth analysis. As a consequence our messages have the ring of authenticity.

We strive to constantly adapt to market evolutions and consumer behavioral changes.


2)  Advanced Customization:

We do not expect your reps to put in the additional effort to link general concepts to their world.

We make it a point to meet them in their own reality.

We work with you to understand your specific issues, your organization, your offering, your culture and your customers. 

Based on our extensive pre-training research process we build for you highly customized training systems, modules and tools.


Every initiative is unique to the organization which it is designed to impact.


3) Engaging and empowering delivery:

We show in specific details how to improve performance, and share stories that really offer takeaways you can act on.

We help participants to visualize real life situations through a highly interactive delivery methodology, thus ensuring they can come up with the best possible reaction at any moment.
We don’t expect them to memorize complex formulas.

Whenever relevant, we demonstrate ourselves the methodologies and techniques through role plays.


We add clarity to things that they intuitively know and provide insight into things that they don’t.

Also, we are aware that delivering the proper methodology isn’t enough.

If you expect people to change and keep up their improved behaviors, even when nobody is looking, you need to let them bring about improvement in an independent way.

We leverage our preliminary research to provide specific guidance to participants, letting them connect the information to their real world challenges, resolving issues and difficulties as they occur.

We lead them step by step and make sure they use their own logic to reach “aha” moments. This is how they can internalize the methodologies. 28.jpg