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Conveying messages and assisting in evolution

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Questioning one’s own attitudes and behavior, changing habits, require a considerable effort.

This is why we make sure that trainees feel that the methods and techniques we promote are designed to work in their own environment.

15.jpgWe go to great lengths to build a thorough understanding of our clients’ sphere of business.We look into their markets, products, environment and culture.We perform site visits, 1-on-1 interviews, focus groups, ride-alongs.


We leverage information collected at the research stage to design tools and training modules that are specific,  making sure we address your top priority needs.


Whenever possible, we incorporate live accounts and opportunities as case studies for the training.

We can also design for you sales tools and performance monitoring systems, such as:

6.jpgTerritory mapping

Client’s potential evaluation


Reporting systems





We believe that real training does not consist in encouraging people to accumulate knowledge, but in putting to better use the knowledge they already possess. 

This is what separates it from mere teaching.

Therefore, we emphasize real time situational appraisal, sharp reflexes building, and vigilance.


We make sure the methodologies that we share can be used on the “battlefield”, in the heat of the moment.

Enjoying what you do is a key factor to becoming expert at it.
This is why we make it a point to inspire beyond training.

We strive to sell leadership to leaders, salesmanship to salespeople…

How do we accomplish this?2.jpg

Beyond increased efficiency, we bring out the sense of the methods and strategies that we recommend, showing the participants “what’s in it for them” : more self confidence, autonomy, enhanced level of energy and motivation….

We highlight the enhanced satisfaction and decrease of fatigue that our methodologies bring about.

We show participants that they build something for themselves.

We leverage real life examples, collected through direct observation on the field.


People tend to believe most of all what they say to themselves. Therefore we emphasize self-discovery of the needed changes, and visualisation of their implementation, beyond mere intellectual understanding.We promote positive ”self talk” with specific group facilitation techniques.This makes the difference between a training that is interesting, but soon forgotten, and one that is powerful and will be implemented.

We use client specific, reality based, scenarios that resonate with the trainee’s experience, thus inspiring them to take ownership of shared methodologies.

We make sure to bring specific business solutions beyond knowledge and understanding.



Constant improvement spirit must be nurtured. Skills must be honed and updated. This is why we provide a fully integrated approach to reinforcement.

It can consist of:

A follow up plan: asking reps for a commitment to an improvement plan, creating a mechanism for reporting their progress to both the consultant and management;

Hands-on field coaching and training where we actually go into the field with our clients and work side-by-side with them to apply the process to real accounts;

1.jpgInternalization workshops, providing hands-on live account coaching, helping adaptation to specific individual projects/situations/challenges;

Opportunity win/loss reviews;

Facilitated group reinforcement sessions.