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1) The sales team leadership challenge:

3.jpgManaging people is far different than managing accounts.

Managers need more than the drive and independence that brought them to their place of sales leadership when they become responsible for more than just their own KPI’s.

Recent changes in the sales field,  combined with new expectations from last generation of sales reps, have driven higher standards for effective leadership.

It takes a lot of clout, understanding, and skills to guide a sales team to success.

24.jpgToday’s sales leaders are expected:

to be experts in the new sales process, but also in the process of helping people;

to keep a highly mobile and distributed sales force engaged with the organization;

to provide them with focus and direction;

to make sure reps fully embrace their true role, and stay out of the “living brochure” trap…
… and of course to deal with the emotional turbulence that sales people go through with the business ups and downs.

Helping your managers to successfully take up these challenges is what our training is about.


2) The solutions we provide:

We provide a system, strategies, methodologies, tips.

Our system is closed loop and replicable.


It will equip your managers with clear directions on where to start, what to look for, which actions to take at any moment, and how to troubleshoot their team member’s sales process.

They will be empowered to drive sustainable change and help their team to consistently optimize their performance level.

The Strategies that we share are geared to help your managers to:

31.jpgestablish and maintain their own legitimacy in the eyes of their team;

clarify, manage and monitor the sales process;

build up team spirit, confidence and morale;

inspire teams to fully take ownership of their job, develop a deeper level of accountability, and self generate solutions;

“sell” plans, objectives and targets;

make sure reps spend their time and energy in the most productive way;

handle stress and manage conflicts.

Our methodologies will help your Sales Managers to:

deliver consistent, effective coaching needed to make a long term impact on salespeople’s performance (vs only acting as “Chief problem solver”);

focus on the metrics that really matter;

set the bar right with relevant objectives and standards.

We also share tips on how to: 

read situations and get the real info from reps;

quickly expose any signs of trouble, so that sales reps won’t waste their time going down a road to nowhere;

run meetings to save time, not waste it;

interview candidates so that they can hire the best;

develop their charisma;

and more …


3) Main improvements our customers typically observe:

Better sales team efficiency and productivity


Reduction of resistance to change

Better motivation among team members

Reduced sales reps turn over

Solidification of new sales culture.