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BtoB sales


1) The challenges of today BtoB sales field:

Does this sound familiar?

greater difficulty differentiating your company's products and services from competition's;

customers/prospects only looking for the lowest price, ignoring value and trying to commoditize everything you have to offer;

gatekeepers keeping you from meeting with key decision makers;

reps facing an increased number of product evaluators, trying to cut costs and focusing on price;

longer and more complex sales cycles.


Did you answer yes to most of these questions? You are not alone. Indeed the game has changed.

Customers have hijacked key aspects of the selling process.

According to the Marketing Leadership Council, clients are now almost 60 % into the decision process when they call the vendor.Sometimes they won't even offer you a chance to pitch your products/solutions.They do their own online research and reach out to sales organizations on their own terms. They define their own criteria and find who best matches them.


Consultants, buying committees and procurement departments play now a bigger role in the buying process.

Meanwhile an increasing number of gatekeepers tend to deny access to a shrinking number of real decision makers.


As a result, solutions/products tend to be commoditized, putting prices under heavy pressure. 

Sales cycles tend to be longer.

Therefore, winning complex sales has become more  complicated than ever.

Going to market with unique, high-quality products and services is no longer a guarantee that sales will be made and accounts will be retained.

No wonder so many sales reps are confused by the new game. Some even get disheartened.

Yet the ones who know how to adapt to the new environment, and regain control of the sales process, differentiate themselves and become very successful.


This is what our training helps to achieve.


2) The solutions we provide:

Todays winning sales reps need to broaden the array of their skills to regain power.

Therefore, we provide an actionable, closed-loop system, where the closing of each sales provides momentum to kick off the next one. We call it "Doctor Business™".

It will enable your sales reps to build momentum, control the sales cycle and make it turn faster.


It involves strategy, planning and tactics.

We show your sales team members how to:

adapt to the customer’s buying process;
scout new territory to find out and qualify opportunities;



Identify real potential and figure out where to best spend their time and energy;



gather and utilize customer data and information, become experts in their customers' business;

write powerful prospection emails and deal with voice mail;

approach informed buyers with insights that build their credibility as a trusted business partner; 

understand the organization, identify and deal with influence;

dig out needs that the Customer was unaware of, shape his thinking, generate creative solutions;

deal with gatekeepers and gain access to key decision makers;

identify and manage champions, who will share inside information, and support them throughout the process;

engage customers on a deeper level using advanced dialogue skills to steer conversations in a natural way, and build up real influence power over key decisions makers;

effectively structure product information in order to make itactionable when dealing with the Customer;

29.jpgdevelop and deliver high impact presentations;

justify the purchase in terms meaningful to the Customer;

smoothly but decisively steer the sales interaction to closing;

switch the Customer focus on how much he is gaining instead of how to reach the limit in squeezing your margin; 

establish and sustain ongoing relationships with clients, beyond selling products/solutions; 

cultivate networks.


3) Main improvements our customers typically observe:

Generation of higher quality leads;

New prospects showing more interest;

Reps wasting less time and efforts on the wrong prospects;

Reps finding it easier to deal with gatekeepers, access power and sell to top executives;

30.jpgBetter ability to sell value and resist pressure on price;

Reduction of “no decisions” after lengthy sales cycles;

Shortened sales cycle;

Improved success rate;

Increased deal profitability through mitigation  of competition and client’s price sensitivity.